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About us



I have been working on Limitless and company for quite some time now and I never thought I would’ve seen the day to have my own brand and style come out and be available to the world!  

I choose the Word “Limitless” as the face of my brand because I want people to feel we all should live in this world without any end meaning; not wanting to be content in life, always wanting more, living fearless. To live life limitless. 

I joined the car enthusiast world 5 years ago with no clue that I would come this far in such a short amount of time. Crazy enough, I did just exactly what I wanted. I reached for what I wanted and never stopped and will continue to reach further. But I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from friends and family that have been so devoted to helping me reach my goals. I can say it has changed my life completely in an amazing way, and that’s what I plan to do the same with Limitless.Co for my customers and all the enthusiasts out there, go after your dream and ideas! The world is limitless!